Process Automation

24 hours, in a day and let’s be honest, only founders and top level executives are going to work 12 – 14 of those…

Your average employee is only going to work 8 hours a day.

Time is the single asset that can’t be regained.

You can earn money that you lost, you can regain energy but time is the most scarce commodity there is.

And that’s the exact commodity I help you save, as an autist my superpower is to make systems that have a bunch of awesome outcomes:

  • predictability
  • consistancy
  • efficiency
  • scalability
  • Reliability

However, the biggest bonus of having a system: Saving time!

Not everything in your system needs to be done manually, and the more manual tasks you take out the more productive you’ll be.

Technology Architecture

Every time we blink, technology get’s outdated or upgraded. Your technology stack or tech stack is one of the most important things to keep up to date.

There’s a couple of issues when it comes to your tech stack.

Shiny object syndrome:
Did you ever get a new piece of tech in your stack that you were very hyped about using but in the end it didn’t realy solve any business problems or worked towards a business goal?

You’re not alone, according to forrester one of the major issues when looking for new technology is that you get blinded by the bling.

The fist rule in technology is pretty simple, if the answer to both of the following questions is no then it’s not the right tool for you:

  1. Does it solve any problems we’re facing
  2. Does it help us reach our business goals

Ofcourse it’s pretty hard to be unbiased about this and that’s the exact reason I come in the picture.