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It’s my philosophy that you shouldn’t give data for information.
You should want to give data because of the quality of information.

Nice Timy Tyou

Join our host, an autistic individual navigating life’s ups and downs, as he delves into candid conversations with a diverse array of successful figures, from entrepreneurs and scientists to athletes and influencers.

Each episode explores personal definitions of success, the failures encountered, and the invaluable life lessons learned along the way.

With an informal and unfiltered style that embraces authenticity and occasional cringiness, these dialogues aim to uncover the raw, real stories behind success.

Whether you’re seeking inspiration or a new perspective on achievement, this podcast invites you to redefine what success means to you.

Tune in for honest, heartfelt, and often humorous insights from incredible people with incredible stories.

Episode 1 with Dave Boyce, board member of Winning By Design and Forrester.

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